Friday, October 4, 2013

Another food festival...and Bainbridge Island

My pictures have a mind of their own and decide to upload in reverse order. As you know, first comes day then comes night. Not here. On 7/27/13 (hey, we're almost at August!) I first went to a small ethnic food festival at a park in Tacoma and THEN went to Bainbridge Island by Ferry. 

View of the Seattle waterfront as we come back to Seattle. The circle on the bottom right is the Ferris Wheel from a couple entries ago. 

Blurry but that is the home of the Seahawks.

I tried to capture the entire waterfront. 

This picture is a bit more zoomed in. 

Ice Cream from Mora on Bainbridge. We made it just in time before closing! Mora means "blackberry" in which language? I can't remember... 

Too much fun with our ice cream.
He can't handle all that whipped cream!

Too many delicious flavors. 

Bainbridge had a frog collection...weird!!
This is their MALL!  

One of the frogs (at the mall... are you laughing with me?) 

A quirky home on Bainbridge. 

Here you'll see the ride to Bainbridge, if you remember my disclaimer that the pictures posted in the wrong order.

Mt. Rainier

Departing from the Seattle waterfront. 

Entrance to the ferry. 
 Here, I was driving in downtown Seattle. Enjoy the city views!

The ethnic food fest in Tacoma:

Lamb burger. Delicious, but that green sauce is too spicy! 

This calzone was amazing. I could have eaten a second one, without sharing. 

Shishkabobs that need lots of improvement...womp womp womp.
 The park where the food festival took place:

Basketball competition taking place on such a nice day. Too bad we didn't find out about this before we got there!